Warehouses & Shopping malls

Spacious areas of logistics complexes require high-performance power generation facilities to operate efficiently.

PV plant installation helps to solve the problem of electricity shortage in the disposable area of logistics complexes, reducing the carbon footprint and creating an opportunity for tenants to contribute to environmental protection, maximizing the use of available warehouse space, and also providing an extra doorway for the development of logistics centers located far from national power supply networks.


Greenhouse & Hothouses

The use of photovoltaic modules for power generation purposes is an expedient solution, which contributes to the development of agricultural industry in areas located far from the centralized power supply system.

Shading from PV modules provides extra synergistic benefits, including reduced plant drought stress, increased food production, and reduced heat stress (thus restoring favorable balanced temperature for plants).


Commercial PV systems

Around two-thirds of electrical energy is used in industrial plants for the production of goods and services. With ever increasing electricity and fuels prices this is a significant cost factor. The sun is an unlimited source of energy that is freely available for anyone.

We will be pleased to show you the advantages of solar energy and how we use solar energy to gain energy independence and make your business more profitable.

Commercial solar power is one of the simplest ways to reduce electricity costs because low cost renewable energy today is competitive with traditional fossil fuels in many off-grid areas, especially in agricultural, industrial or mining applications.

The roof of your commercial/industrial building, your parking lot or unused land can be converted into an asset which delivers lasting value to your business.


Mining & Industrial

Solar photovoltaic solutions benefit to existing mining and industrial power generation facilities by providing extra power during peak loads and reducing the amount of diesel used, making a significant contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and operating costs.

Such systems help solving the following problems:

  • Accelerated wear of power generation equipment caused by fluctuation of loads;
  • High cost of electricity due to ever-rising cost of diesel fuel;
  • Accelerated wear of drilling equipment caused by inadequate power quality.